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What are you taking?

Moving can be a great time to “clean your closet”. Through the years a lot of us accumulate a lot of things we really don’t need. It only makes it harder on you to hold onto this stuff not to mention it’s time consuming and will require space at your new location.

You don’t necessarily need to throw your items away and it can be a perfect opportunity to donate items to your local thrift store.

Prepare Smaller Items

Determine what you’re taking with you and always pack the smaller items first. These items generally need more care and may require wrapping. You also want to make sure you have enough boxes to accommodate all your smaller belongings. Newspaper is a great packing stuffer.

The sooner you start the process the better. This is typically the most time consuming portion of your move so the earlier you get packing, the sooner you get moving.

Try to be organized. Try to group your smaller items in categories, ex. Room. This will relieve a lot of headache when unpacking.

Bigger Items

Despite their size, you still want to ensure that your items arrive as you left them. You'll need to put your books in boxes and make sure that the boxes are light enough to carry. You may want to scotch guard some of your upholstered furniture or use protective covering in case of any mishaps during the move.

You can also use plastic wrap when applicable to protect some of your larger items.

Finding a Moving Company

Locate a professional with the experience of being a trusted mover. Our database of professionals has been pre-screened and is sure to do the job right to your satisfaction. Try us now for a free quote.


Be Prepared

If your move is local and it’s possible, try to move whatever you can into the new location prior to the actual moving day. This can be a great time to move all your smaller items that can take up a lot of space during your move.

Please be prepared and ready to go on moving day. Professionals are there with your move and time in mind. Please be courteous of others time and don’t leave them waiting.





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